Batman Steel Spinner LED

Batman Steel Spinner LED

$ 19.99

Lighted SPINNER WITH ABEC-5 BEARINGS- Smoother than any spinner on the market

Lighted on all 2 circles, batteries included. Randomly picked due to high demand some have buttons and others are motion sensored.

You will recieve A Solid Steel Black Edition in Foam Case, These spinners are solid steel and are made with the highest quality. Solid and nearly indestructible. Spin Longer ,Faster and Smoother thank any other. 

*Have you heard of the "Fidget Toy" everyone is talking about. If  not a fidget toy is all the rage of 2017  Get yours Today. 

*Helpful with anxiety , staying focused, fidgeting, high energy, quitting bad habits, and staying awake.

*This Fidget Spinner is the ultimate accessory for anyone looking for a spinner with solid style.

*Heavy Duty Construction, Perfect for all ages

"The Must Have Office Toy for 2017 - Forbes


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